Nessun eroe. (no heroes)

Dear Ryan Mac of The New York Times, Donie O'Sullivan of CNN, Drew Harwell of The Washington Post, Matt Binder of Mashable, Micah Lee of Intercept, Steve Herman of Voice of America, and independent journalists Aaron Rupar, Keith Olbermann, and Tony Webster, stop playing the role of heroes. 


You are not Solzhenitsyn coming back home from the gulag.  At best you have had a twitter account taken away from you: on the scale of terrible things, it comes right after a sandwich of yesterday's old avocado. You did not pass a terrible test, you were not tortured, you are not martyrs, and you are not heroes.

You are not heroes.


There is no reason to see you as heroes. You  done nothing special. You have not bothered a system and you have not made uncomfortable inquiries. You have only annoyed a spoiled rich child. I know numerous three-year-old children who overreact even worse, sometimes I enjoy making them overreact too, but I don't feel like a hero for that.

The fact that Elon Musk is mentally a three-year-old does not make you heroes or martyrs. Nor are you credible as extreme defenders of freedom of the press , let alone free speech.

For one thing, Twitter is behaving no differently than usual. It used to hunt people who were right-wingers , and it was a "safe space" for the woke culture, while today it is becoming a "safe space" for the right-wing culture by hunting people who come from the woke culture.

Simply turning compulsory things into forbidden things , and forbidden things into compulsory things, has not changed the amount of freedom. It only changed the name of the oppressed people. But freedom today is any less than there was before.

The difference is that now it's your turn to be kicked out 

Until it was the right-wing people's turn to be kicked out, you were perfectly fine with it. "Democracy is us, freedom of the press is us, and only us." 

No, I don't believe you. I don't see you as heroes, I see you as opportunists who are trying to squeeze every penny you can , out of being kicked out. Maybe on twitter this would give you millions of new followers. But I don't think you will last long on the fediverse, for the simple reason that it is antiviral. Meaning: anti-narcissist.

About Fediverse, which several of you call "mastodon" (seriously:  we have to pretend that your journalism was about the Internet!) , I would like to know why , before today, you had never mentioned it in your writings.

Where are the articles that you guys wrote about it? Almost all instances, even those you use today instead of twitter, and certainly those of your followers, are run by volunteers, often funded by donations when they grow big. 

Have you guys ever written about this? No. You got into it because you hope  to get the applause , cause you hope this will help you to look cool,  because you read Elon dislikes it , and because (you hope) will lead us (fediverse users since years)  to sympathise with you.

You are just weaponizing the fediverse for your own use.

Honestly, you look to me like profiteers, here to take advantage of the trend. You have never given shit to the Fediverse, you've never explained it to the readers, many of you had never step a foot here before, some of you had some unused account, and now you expect the Fediverse to become the army that fights on your side ?

You only look like the usual New York charlatans with an ego as big as New Jersey and a pathological narcissism , the one that screams "cool before of important" every second. You think is cool being here? Good for you. You think you are cool? Good. 

But "cool" does not mean "important", and you are nothing important to the fediverse.

I don't drink it, I don't drink that you want the Fediverse as a place of journalism.

You are looking for the same toxic "Safe Zone" which once was  Twitter. And you hope to weaponize the Fediverse for your interests: career , money and power, likely.


Now you complain that you do not have the "quote" function, only because it was the toxic way  which you made journalism with. And no, it was not the function that was toxic, it was the way you used  it to be toxic, and it was toxic because your mentality and your culture, the "Woke" culture, is toxic.

Besides, if you just used the fediverse before, you would know that both Misskey and Akkoma can offer you the "quote" functionality. Apparently you, "internet journalists", aren't aware of that. And I can see why: the first time you've read about "fediverse", it was "mastodon", and the only thing you know is that "Mastodon" annoys Elon "Kevin" Musk.

Do you really think that someone should add the "quote" function just to give you a chance, you precious snowflakes,  to recreate here that narcissistic sewer that is twitter?
As a person running my own instance, consider yourself blocked, as was. And was blocked for the same reason: pathological narcissism. Because character assassination comes from toxic narcissism, and from narcissism all defects of alt-right are born, defects which are the same in the "Woke" culture, such as the so-called "Cancel Culture". (By the way, how do you feel to be "cancelled"?  Hard to swallow the same  soup you cook, isn't it? )
Do I want you back to twitter? I don't give a shit. Go wherever the fuck you like. In the fediverse, there is no space for "stars" like you. is not for "twit-stars", there is no "fedi-star". We are anti-viral. I can filter you and, if needed, your whole instances, with a click. 
At the end, if you will be back on twitter, others will be out. And vice-versa. I am not a sommelier of censorship. I am not interested in "the big difference" between blocking your accounts and blocking Milo Y. one.  You can scream "fascist! fascist" as much you like: for you the label "fascist" just means "people who does not agree with me". Who is not a fascist according with you? 

The point is, when you are in Twitter others are out. When others are in, you are out. It's not about freedom. It's not about democracy. It's all about power.


And Elon is taking away your power.  

So why are you here?
This is because (for you)  the fediverse is just another way to annoy Elon, hoping he freaks out, and then you can write one more piece about Elon freaking out. Circular bullshit.  To pay your bills.
You don't belong to this place. Get used to it. This is a social network, not an endless show of your ego, like Twitter. 

Last but not least, I have one more question: who created Elon the DemiGod?
Who gave to this overrated idiot the fame he has? Who depicted him as a genius, who made the readers to believe he is kinda demigod? 
Answer is: people like you, mr "journalists". The press. Elon Musk is the God  people like you created. People like you hailed Tony Stark , when this was the best advertisement a billionaire could have. 
I don't remember the "free press" dismantling this Gods. For years I have seen you kneeling to his Deity, the man which will send people (to die) on Mars, the one which will shot trains into pipes (which will never work decently), the one which will make the cars to be electrici (but tesla is still not profitable without green bonds) and more. The self made man , made on slave labour on some apartheid-driven emerald mines. 
None of you , "the free press" ever questioned the "deity" of people like Jobs, Musk, Gates, Bezos, Zuckerberg, and more.

You , the dumb press, created these hollow  idols. You fed them. You fed their ego. And now you learn the hard lesson:  "God" likes to see you on your knees.

 All of them. They are all the same. Hollow idols, Gods, Demigods,  are all the same.
This is the lesson you can't stand to. When the Gods you help to create want you to bow on your knees. 
Elon Musk is ALL your fault: the press which never investigated him, the press who help him to build His Holy Name. The coward press.
Have fun with the idol you created. I've had enough of both: you and your idol.