Who did what?

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Starving people may do riots, but not revolutions. Revolutions are made by the new rich looking for epics. Always. Poor people fighting for rights may be part of the narrative, as usually is: still, has nothing to do with the revolution itself.

Why the new rich are doing revolutions? Because they need some epics, and the narrative in place is boring.

There is no revolution done for bread, neither for food. Those driven by the lower classes are riots, not revolutions.

Revolutions are happening because of boredom. Each government has a narrative of itself. When this narrative is epic, there are no revolutions. A dictatorship can starve people, torture them, oppress them, until its narrative is epic, people will support the dictator.

The problem comes when the narrative is boring. Boredom triggers the middle class appetite of epic stories. Then you risk a revolution.

Everything you need for a revolution is some brand new  epic narrative. Economy is not relevant, indeed, "poor people fighting for hunger" is always quite an epic narrative.

Marx was never a philosopher. He was just a writer.