How italian women never say "I".

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Last two days I was asked to give a base traning on Spark and "big data analytics". (which is why I was absent here) One of my "students" ran a job using a little sample of data we downloaded from some social.

He ask me : "wow, italian women are the ones with the lesser amount of "I".Why?

"I" like in "I am". In Italian "Io". "Ich" in german.

I doublecheck again and again , and the job was ok. Our training cluster was too little to use a larger sample, but ... yes. This sample was more than enough as an estimator.

So we decided to dig a bit. Seems italian women aren't using "I" before they get married and become mothers.

Before of this, their "I" is just absent.

I suspect this means something: i'm not an expert in this field.

Sure, in German "Ich" must be inside the sentence because of grammar.

Nevertheless, this fact should be investigated.

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