Toward a Paid Fediverse: The Future Beckons

As a systems architect, I am compelled to always consider two things among many: system capacity and costs. This translates into two questions: "how does it scale in capacity?" and "how much does it cost, and who pays?" These are two questions that few are asking when they place their trust in federated systems like the Fediverse. Let me be clear, I find it amusing and it's a place where I enjoy being. But this does NOT mean that I truly believe everything will be that way one day.

META, or Pseudo-Moral Race: A Delightful Charade

In our youth, when idealism reigns and cynicism takes a backseat, we tend to embrace the game of moral categories—the game of 'good versus evil'—with relative ease. The trouble with this game arises when we attempt to apply these categories within a divisive framework, that is, a framework that is meant to be applicable to politics.

La gara pseudomorale.

In gioventu', quando si e' molto idealisti e poco cinici, si tende ad accettare con una certa facilita' il gioco della categorie morali, cioe' il gioco del "buono/cattivo". Il problema di questo gioco nasce quando si tenta di applicare queste categorie in un modello divisivo, cioe' in un modello che sia applicabile in politica. 

How desire and pleasure died, and why

Ah, the age when memories of "adult" events are crystal clear, and you, my dear, are fortunate enough to possess such clarity. It is during this juncture that you find yourself pondering what has mercilessly slain the appetites, desires, and pleasures within Western society. And why must you wonder, you ask? Well, if you wish to leave an indelible mark upon the world, you must first contemplate upon whom you shall bestow this mark. Who is the culprit? Whose countenance shall you fracture?

What's wrong with Italian Fediverse?

Today, while reading the news from the fediverse, I came across the remnants of an old discussion, which, due to the decision of some attention-seeking individuals, is being repeatedly brought up in an unnecessary and endless controversy. This serves as evidence that the Italian-speaking fediverse has a significant problem.

The Type of Game You've Been Yearning For

I read some whining online about "the right-wing" (cover your daughters' eyes) engaging in terrible book censorship, banning this and that, boycotting beers and films to the point of driving down their prices. It would make sense if only they had the courage to call it by its name: "cancel culture."

Threads & The Fediverse

There is a certain buzz in the Fediverse (or "Mastodon" for cephalopods) due to the news that "Threads" has an ActivityPub interface, making it capable of federating with the Fediverse, i.e., anything else that speaks ActivityPub. There are already petitions from sysadmins who categorically refuse to federate, which, in my opinion, is a waste of time.

Threads e il Fediverso.

C'e' una certa eccitazione nel Fediverso (o "Mastodon" per i cefalopodi) per via della notizia che "Threads" abbia un'interfaccia ActivityPub, ovvero sarebbe capace di federarsi con il Fediverso, cioe' con qualsiasi altra cosa parli ActivityPub. Ci sono gia' le petizioni dei sysadmin , che rifiutano a priori di federarsi. E che a mio avviso sono tempo perso.

Di scimmie e monoliti.

Ogni tanto succede , anche se raramente, che su un giornale italiano appaia qualche idea interessante. Il merito questa volta va a Republlica , con un articolo che parla del rapporto tra IT e religione. Anche se e' abbozzato, e il rapporto non viene sviscerato come si dovrebbe, l'argomento e' interessante, anche perche' questa cosa comincio' molto prima della AI : gia' ai tempi del "big data".

Le prix de la médiocrité pompeuse

Nella front page di questo blog c'e' una scritta: Non sono i ribelli a creare problemi, sono i problemi a creare i ribelli. Si potrebbe usare come sintesi estrema per raccontare i problemi odierni della Francia, ma credo sia il caso di aggiungere qualche cosa in piu'.